Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed, citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.

~ Margaret Mead

I live my life in widening circles that reach out across the world. I may not complete this last one but I give myself to it.

~ Rainer Maria Rilke

  • Our vision

    To represent a recognizable group of professionals who initiate positive changes and contribute to the quality of life in the community.

  • Our mission

    To gather professionals in the community and motivate them for creative engagement beneficial to people.

  • Our belief

    People are the greatest potential.

  • Our values

    Learning, work, development, tolerance and cooperation.

  • Our competences

    Human sciences professionals with additional education.

  • Fields of expertise

    Organizing and facilitating workshops, lectures, conferences, counselling, editing and printing handouts, brochures.

  • Clients

    All the people in the community – students, parents, teachers, members of other organizations, (un)employed persons, inmates, juveniles, various interest groups.

The NGO Community was established in 2010 in Pleternica – a little town in the Poega-Slavonian County (PS County) with the purpose of gathering professionals who are willing to initiate positive changes and raise the quality of life in the community.

In this time of crisis, low life standards, insecurity and undermined values, we want to create programs that will empower people and teach them how to recognize resources within themselves and initiate changes from inward. Through focused activities, we want to raise awareness within the people and the community, direct them to human resources that already exist here and show that changes are possible – that an individual and the community can live in "widening circles".

The "Widening circles" include new ideas that came out from attended lectures or workshops; NGOs participating in new projects, people in smaller communities refreshed by events in their environment.

We want each of our programs to be enweaved in people's experience, inspiring them to actualize their skills and become that "vibrating circle" which creates new, more qualitative circles recognized in the way they relate to others, cope with difficult situations, make decisions, do their work, finish their day and start another.

Our basic idea is that people are capable to learn and change if they find value and sense in learning and changing.